Should Breastfeeding Be Allowed In Public?

There are many people that are campaigning for breast feeding to be essential for all mothers as they feel that it is the most natural thing for them to do. There are arguments that it is healthier for the baby and the mother and that formula should not be allowed. However, there are also people who do not like seeing women feeding in public and feel that it is something that should be done privately.

It should be allowed

There have been a lot of campaigns recently to encourage women to breast feed their babies. This means, for this to work practically they need to be able to do it in public. Many women fee that it is their right to be able to feed their child wherever they like. They feel that it is perfectly natural and that they should be able to do it without causing offence to anyone. Years ago women would not breast feed in public but most modern women feel that they should be able to and some have no idea why others would be offended by it.

It should not be allowed

There have been some recent situations where women have been asked to not feed their child in restaurants and other public places because other customers did not like it. Some people feel embarrassed when they see a woman feeding a child and do not know where to look. They are not used to seeing women revealing their body that way in public. They feel that it is something that they should do in private, perhaps in the loos, rather than out in full view of everyone. It may be thought that this attitude comes from men, but there are actually a lot of women who feel that way.

At the moment there tend not to be rules about this, although a few places will have guideline. Women feel that it is their right to be able to feed their baby in public but if they were to reveal their body like that with no reason, they could get report for indecent exposure. Some people find it very embarrassing as they feel they should look away but then find their eyes are drawn to it. Others just do not like hearing or seeing it and even if they breast fed their children do not like to see other people doing it. It is a very personal thing. It may be best for a woman to ask whether it is okay to breast feed in a certain place and if not whether there is somewhere they can go. Of course, most women feel it is very unhygienic to use a toilet to do this and so it may be that if a restaurant or similar place does not want women to breast feed, they will need to find them somewhere that they can go to do it. It is a debate that is likely to go on for a long while as more women are encouraged by midwives to breast feed their babies.


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