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How Sleepless Nights and Window Treatments Go Hand-In-Hand

One of the biggest clichés amongst the parent community revolves around sleepless nights. It’s something that we all have to go through although if you plan accordingly, there are ways to manage this early period of your new baby’s life a little more easily.

Unfortunately, there will still be times where you operate on just an hour or two’s worth of sleep. However, one way to at least give your little one the best possible chance of a good night’s (or few hours, in the case of the first few months) sleep is to invest in your window treatment.

84 How Sleepless Nights and Window Treatments Go Hand In Hand

Once upon a time curtains were the only treatment deemed appropriate for newborns. Now, blinds have taken over and specifically – blackout blinds.

Fortunately, this is one product which is hardly new; it’s been around for years. As such, prices are low and you can immediately eradicate all forms of natural light within the pull of a blind cord. It means that your little one won’t awaken to sudden bursts of sunlight through the tiny holes that appear in most blinds and it therefore goes without saying that your sleeping pattern improves no-end as well.

You can plan for the future with blackout blinds

Like everything in the blinds industry, this is a type of product which has progressed over the years. Once you may have only been able to purchase the blinds in solid blocks of color, but now a whole host of designs are available. Some will revolve around popular cartoons, others around stereotypical baby graphics, but regardless of what you choose you can inject character into your little one’s room by opting for the blackout version.

Even though your newborn won’t appreciate the window designs immediately, it is advisable to plan for the future and buy a design that is going to remain appropriate for the next couple of years. Plain blackout shades might be the cheapest, but don’t forget that you can achieve both style and a pitch dark room through this type of product.

Try and remain cordless

You will have probably heard countless stories about cords and the dangers they pose to small children, which is why this next piece of advice should also be taken seriously. It would be fair to say that most blinds are going down the cordless path, but before you do commit to buying your set try and make sure that they abide by this principle as well. While you can make standard blackout blinds safe by using cleats and other accessories, the safest option by far is to remain cordless. Particularly when your little one gets older, this will again be something that you will be thankful that you planned for the future for.

Whether or not your little one is immediately going to drop off for 12-hour spells is debatable at this point. In fact, it just won’t happen with a newborn. However, by at least going for the blackout solution, you can minimize distractions and hopefully buy you and your partner a few hours extra sleep in a week. If your little one is just a few weeks old, this is something which we’re sure you’ll grab with both hands right now!

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