5 themes for your next family vacation

A themed family vacation will create unforgettable memories. From sports to pirates to history to Disney, here we list some exciting ideas.


Disc Golf


In case you’ve never heard of this unusual sport before, disc golf is essentially golf with a disc instead of a ball. With tournaments and courses around the world, it’s gaining popularity with sports fans. Many beautiful countryside locations offer vacations that include this fledgling sport. Try Selah Ranch in Texas or Sandy Point in Wisconsin for cabins, swimming, fishing and hiking alongside challenging Disc Golf courses. Horning’s Hideout adds live concerts and free-roaming peacocks to the mix. Cape Henlopen in Delaware offers a beach, while Smuggler’s Notch in Vermont includes downhill skiing in winter. All die-hard Disc Golfers who don’t mind camping must visit the International Disc Golf Center in Appling, Georgia. It is the home of the PDGA Championships and the Hall of Fame, with three of the best courses in the U.S.




If you prefer watching sports to playing them, try one of the sports packages from Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Seattle and Miami all have famous sports teams, so why not schedule your vacation to these cities around a major game? Take in the sights and attractions of the city with the added bonus of sports event excitement, such as basketball, baseball, football or hockey.


Pirate Adventures


For those who love all things pirate, why not build your vacation around the Pirates Week Festival in the Cayman Islands? From Nov. 12 – 22, 2015. The festival begins with a mock pirate invasion, where two old-fashioned boats loaded with pirates stop at George Town harbor. During this fun and good-natured show, popular with families, pirates swarm onto the land and the Governor is kidnapped. With the pirates on land, the festival can begin! Games, music, street dances, food, competitions, parades, sports events, fireworks and Heritage Days make for 10 fun-packed days for all the family.


Ancient Egyptian Tours


Try for a historically themed vacation. Egypt has an excellent selection of luxury hotels and family-friendly resorts that you can make your base to explore the historical treasures of this ancient land. Take a guided tour of the Valley of the Kings, the pyramids, tombs and the sphinx with a qualified Egyptologist, or take a cruise up the Nile. Prices in this region can be surprisingly affordable, so stretching out your vacation needn’t be a financial burden. Take a once in a lifetime trip to admire the wonders of ancient architecture and the rich history and culture of this thriving civilization.


Disney Cruises


With destinations diverse as Alaska, the Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii and Mexico, Disney cruises allow you to experience the magic of Disney all across the world. Kids will be delighted with meeting their favorite characters, taking part in magical tea parties and watching deck party processions. Movie screenings and live shows on Broadway style theatres provide the best in Disney entertainment classics, while swimming pools and virtual sports simulators will satisfy sports fans. There are youth clubs for teens, and a huge range of nightclubs, lounges and bars for adults.


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